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Here are some tips for businesses with Social Security and other agencies.

Tip 1

Always document whom you spoke with when you call Social Security and when you receive services in person at the local Social Security office. Always ask them to make copies and date stamps or ask for receipts for your records.

Tip 2

Always have access to pay stubs or print them out to keep for your records.

Tip 3

If you encounter issues with the local field office refusing to honor your communication preferences (such as the preference of having a live interpreter rather than using UbiDuo or Video Remote Interpreting), try to ask for the office supervisor. If that does not work, ask for the supervisor’s name and extension to call later. If that does not work, share this document ( with them. Printing this out and bringing it with you may be a good idea.

Tip 4

If that does not work, report the incident to the Center of Section 504 Compliance by emailing at, or calling at 844-881-9061. Note: this office does not help resolve benefits issues but rather deals with accessibility issues.

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